While reading and looking at this post I couldn’t help but think that most of the normal human beings of the world will never understand us dancers.

Ballet is the hardest discipline ever, you are not born a ballerina, you have to earn to be one or any dancer for that matter, it really is blood sweat and tears and anyone telling you any different is lying.

Those of you reading this post that are dancers or have been dancers, its okay to cry, its okay to have injuries, its okay to feel that you want to give up……………this is normal and healthy, the important thing to remember though is to have these bouts of despair then pick yourself back up very quickly, shake them off and continue the struggle to be the best you can be………….the only person judging you is YOU!!

The photos within the posts are not made up, this is real life of the ballerina, but please look at the joyful lady in red, it really is exhilarating to leap and fly through the air, us dancers have the power to do this…….so do it!!

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Ballerina’s are hardcore

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