Mr Keir


I have enjoyed every minute of this last year as Debs gave me the opportunity in Covid times to come back full time as a member of the teaching staff which I have loved every minute of.  However, I am now entering my biggest role and challenge as swing dancer/actor/singer in the West End ‘FROZEN’ in Germany, very excited and will miss all the FSD students.  
Watch this space as I will be back!!
Emily Richelle


I started flipside when I first moved to the UK in 2010. I was looking for a dance school where I could continue my hip hop dance training and found that quickly with Debs. With some encouragement, I then joined what was the beginning of the contemporary group, and then later on to develop my dancing further, ballet. I was given so many opportunities while at Flipside, such as performing in dance competitions as well as showcases, and even doing a duet. On top of all of this, I made life long friends, who I still talk to this day! Sounds cliché, but dancing with Flipside really did give me the confidence to believe in what I could do, and give it all I’ve got. While I didn’t go on to study dance, it pushed me to follow my passion of studying Theatre, and gave me the confidence to take on extra responsibilities – such as choreographing Legally Blonde the Musical and discover a love for physical theatre, which allowed me to combine both theatre and dance! I will be forever grateful to Miss Debs and all of the Flipside team for everything they have given me. 


Over the 3 years that I trained in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz Dance at Flipside, I grew so much not only technically but, as a performer. Alongside the outstanding technique classes,
taught by passionate teachers that all love what they do, I thoroughly enjoyed competing at
various competitions across the country as part of the FSD Elite Troupe. These events pushed me to develop my confidence levels and also gave me an excellent insight into what
it would be like to perform as a member of a company; all owing me to gain the skills of resilience and co-operation that would be so vital to a career in dance. The love that I
gained for Contemporary Dance at Flipside, alongside the deeper understanding of the hard work and dedication that it takes to fulfil a career in dance, opened many pathways for me
and gave me the skills I needed to attend ArtsEd Sixth Form and following this, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where I now hope to complete my degree. Returning to Flipside to teach at the 2019 Summer School was an incredibly rewarding experience for me as, not only did it gave me the chance to give something back to the dance school I will forever be thankful to, but, gave me the chance to return to the joyous atmosphere that
encapsulates everything Flipside is about.


I attended Flipside Dance School for 5 years. Joining at the age of 13, I started my dance training in ballet and contemporary. I continued to expand my training into a variety of dance
styles such as jazz, hip-hop, and acrobatics. From 2012 to 2016, I assisted in teaching younger students with Flipside principal Deborah Rich. I also performed in the Flipside Elite Dance Troupe every year, dancing in competitions across England. In 2015, I performed in the annual Surrey Youth Ballet production, performing as the Duke in the Gisele. In 2018, I trained at Brent Street Dance Academy in Sydney, Australia; completing a year of tertiary dance training in contemporary and ballet. I am currently studying a double bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences and Criminology at Flinders University in Australia and working as a personal trainer at a national gym. I have continued to train in contemporary and ballet at the Australian Dance Theatre. Since 2018, I have collaborated with textural artists and dancers to create action photography art pieces as well as dancer headshots. I aim to create a way of combining my degree in psychology with both my personal training and dance training in the future.
Flipside is a very important aspect of my life. Not only has the training at Flipside provided me with technique and control of my body but it also provided me with more self confidence. Flipside is not only an excellent dance school, but it is also a very encouraging community. The teachers at Flipside have encouraged me to be the person I am today by pushing me to be the best I can. The training and skills I learnt during my time at Flipside will continue to be used in all fields of my life. Flipside is truly a great dance school with excellent teachers that make you feel like family.


I joined the Flipside family back in 2013. Although I was only apart of Flipside for 2 short years, it has impacted my life majorly. It gave me a passion for dance and a massive range of
skills which i carry to this day. After competing with Flipside and performing in the annual shows, it has given me achievements which i treasure and the confidence which I don’t usual
have in my day to day life.
I will always be thankful to Debs and her team for
sharing their experiences and passion and passing it on to many aspiring dancers/ performers. I hope to get back into dance and pursue it as a career.


I’m Flipside forever. I always felt at home there. I remember the first year when it was less than ten kids just trying to do something that felt good. Every time we walked into that hall
it was an opportunity to allow our movement and the routines communicate the things that we didn’t get to at school or at home. I’d leave sweaty and exhausted and still excited for
the next class. It was somewhere that we went and something that we did that was just for us.

I remember the first competition and how good it felt to share that hard work and those feelings with hundreds of people, and more importantly with each other. Debs gave us a space to experiment, to express ourselves and to make friends. She was the first teacher to help me realise my love of performing and creating, and Flipside was the first place I really got to do it. I’m in the music industry now still performing, singing and creative
directing. There are firsts for me every day, but I truly believe that some of the most lasting ones came from Flipside.


Flipside was an incredibly nurturing and supportive environment that allowed me to explore different dance styles, compete in my first competitions, and ultimately gain confidence as a
performer. Thanks to the skills and confidence I developed whilst at Flipside gave me the I continued dancing throughout University, where I choreographed for numerous musical and
dance shows, and participated in multiple inter-university competitions. I am now primarily a commercial and hip hop
dancer, training alongside professionals in the industry at studios such as BASE and Onyx. I have also had the chance to train in internationally known studios such as Millennium Dance Complex LA, and Global Dance Centre Rotterdam.
Whilst living in The Netherlands I began training with the freestyle and battle community, winning 2nd place in the beginner division of “Own the Streets” The Netherlands, the first
Battle I ever entered. In 2017 I was part of Studio 68’s performance company and more recently I was part of London based training and competition Empire Dance Crew.
I can honestly say that without Flipside, where I was able to improve and nurture new styles, I would have never pursued my dance passion to the extent I have and would have
missed out on some incredible memories.


I was fortunate enough to dance with Flipside Elite from 2013 – 2014, performing a jazz solo, a jazz trio, a lyrical trio and a Hiphop number. It was the most incredible year and a huge highlight for me was winning third overall soloist for my solo and the showcase getting to perform so many different pieces from all different genres!
Since leaving Flipside, I have been dancing for the last four years on the University of Edinburgh’s Cheerleading Club, on a competitive cheer, pom, and hiphop team.
I have been the Dance co-captain for the last year and am continuing my role for my final year of university where we are developing a competitive jazz team as well!