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Testimonials 2

Teacher Testimonials

Miss Charlotte

I have been working at Flipside for 6 years and I think this speaks for itself. The students are so wonderful to teach and I look forward to seeing them progress every week. It is a very well organised school which is particularly impressive when considering the wide variety of dancing covered and the fact that it offers exams and an annual end-of-year show. ‘The children are so eager to learn and motivated which is just lovely to see and makes my job an absolute pleasure’. The other teachers are now my friends as well so it feels like a big family and somewhere, I love to be.

Miss Aimee

Miss Aimee

‘I’m always amazed at the talent on display here at Flipside’. The commitment of the students and the energy they bring always leaves me feeling inspired’

Cath Robins

Miss Cath

I have taught at FSD for almost 3 years and have been really impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of both teachers and students. The students work hard, have fun, make like-minded friends and develop excellent dance skills. The teachers are all highly skilled, professional and committed to progressing the students. They are also great to work with and despite lockdown, regular zoom staff meetings and Debs‘ unstoppable enthusiasm and hard work have kept us all connected and focussed.
‘The FSD annual show is a fabulous showcase of the high standards of dance and professionalism that represents this great school.’

Mr Keir

Mr Keir

Flipside was the school where I first learnt to dance. It gave me the skills, passion and work ethic to go on to make dance my profession. Now, after years away, I love that I can come back to Flipside and give back to the school that started my journey. The students at Flipside have so much energy and life which makes them an absolute joy to teach; together with the talented and supportive teachers Flipside is a very welcoming family. 

Parent and Student Testimonials

Ferguson Family

We joined Flipside in May 2016 and have never looked back. Both girls participated in Jazz, contemporary, ballet and acro and learnt so much especially from a performance point of view and made lifelong friends.

The highlight would have to be the annual shows, where they literally perform like real professionals, from the venue to the costumes to the amazing choreography, they felt like they were on Broadway! 

They were also both part of the competitive team, and this is where the real learning happened. They learnt commitment, they learnt endurance, they learnt priorities and they learnt what it meant to be part of a team, all the while being exposed to world class choreography and being taught how to perform and use the technique that they had learnt. The fun that they had being able to use their passion for dance will never be forgotten and the friendships made will last forever.

‘The teachers are super passionate and dedicated beyond description, the lengths that they go to for each and every child is astounding’. The venue is convenient, safe, well maintained and a beautiful space for this to take place. 

We love Flipside!!  

Kathryn and Isla

My daughter joined Flipside 18 months ago and she has loving every second of it! From the very beginning both the girls and the teachers were so welcoming that she very quickly felt part of the Flipside family. The improvement in her dancing has been fantastic and is testament to the exceptional teaching that she has received. She is a member of the Elites and has had the opportunity to take part in lots of different experiences including a masterclass, a showcase, a Flashmob and competition before the first lockdown happened! Flipside embodies everything that we were looking for in a dance school from its friendly family ethos to its high standards of teaching and remarkable level of dancing – I really can’t recommend them highly enough!

Kate and Bo

Bo has been at Flipside since she was two and part of the teeny ballerina class. She is now almost ten and her love of dance shows no sign of stopping! She has been involved in ballet, hip-hop and contemporary classes and has loved every moment in the studio. Due to the encouragement and enthusiasm that her flipside teachers have shown, she continues to thrive in her dancing environment. Being part of the company for almost 8 years gives her a sense of pride and confidence to express herself through dancing. More than anything she loves coming to class and finds the lessons wonderfully fun.

Vasconcelos Family

“My three young daughters start ballet and Tap dance at FSD in January 2019, tennies until August 2020 due to moving to our home country, but finding it hard to find a dedicated and professional teacher like Miss Debs in such young ages near us, we kept the connection to FSD family and thanks to lockdown my girls were able to continue their classes via Zoom. Obviously not as fun and productive as being in the studio but the girls seem very motivated and engaged due to Miss Debs amazing classes full of surprises and sharing time.
The special workshops were also a big hit and a way to bring some novelty and extra excitement into this so-called “new normal”.

Lou and Lucy

Lucy joined Flipside’s Teeny Ballet class in 2013 when she was 3 years old.  We loved the family ethos at Flipside and the warm welcome from all the teachers.  Since then, she has also done tap, jazz, acro, hip-hop and contemporary classes and has enjoyed learning all the different styles.  The enthusiasm that the teachers have for dance is clear and they transfer this to the students.  There is always something going on that they can get involved in; talent shows, awards ceremonies, professional workshops and supporting the elite competitions.  Debs works really hard to keep things fresh and engaging.

Lucy has performed with Flipside at local fetes and fairs, as well as community events such as Heritage Day and Cobham’s Christmas market and these are always great fun.  Most of all, she absolutely loves the big Flipside shows which are a fantastic experience for the students.  To perform in a real theatre with the amazing costumes and stage hair and make-up is so exciting and something she will always remember.  

The family feel of Flipside has been one of the aspects we have most appreciated.  Lucy looks up to and idolises the older students and loves helping with the cute little ones!  Summer School is a great way to experience this as the students get the chance to get to know each other better during the week.  We are really happy that she is doing something that develops her creativity and physical health and that she enjoys so much.


I love Flipside because it is a welcoming place that allows me to meet new and amazing people. Since I started classes, my skills have improved with the help of my supportive teachers. Training at Flipside is certainly an experience like no other and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

From Kim and Jamie (Sylvia’s parents):

Sylvia started her Flipside adventure at Summer School in 2018, just a few short days after moving here from the US. The staff and other dancers were so welcoming that Sylvia immediately felt at home. Since then, Sylvia has taken the jazz, tap, contemporary, ballet, pointe, and hip hop classes (as many as she could fit into her schedule!) Dancing at Flipside has provided the opportunity to not only gain new dance skills, but also to build confidence and forge new friendships. Thank you, Flipside, for a wonderful dance experience!


My daughter has been dancing at Flipside for 7 years, she started ballet when she was 3 years old and now also does Tap, Jazz & Contemporary. She adores all her classes and the highlight of her year is most definitely the show which gives her an opportunity to do what she loves best…be on stage & show off her talent. She has been awarded a few trophies over the years for various things at the annual awards which was a great confidence boost & it is a wonderful way for the teachers and principal, Miss Debs to recognise her hard work and commitment. I highly recommend this dance school for their professional & caring teachers. 

Cannon Family

We joined the flipside dance studio two years ago. My daughter was on the brink of giving up dance due to heavy pressure that was put on her at a different school (not local to here). ‘The happy, welcoming, encouraging dance teachers at Flipside reminded her why she loved dance and she is back to wanting to dance around the clock’. Flipside has really supported the girls during lockdown and offered many workshops with external choreographers. My daughter has embraced all the opportunities given to her by the studio. Thanks Flipside Dance.

Jen and Riva

“My daughter joined Teeny ballet and tap when she was 3. Her progress has been amazing, Miss Debs is the most patient, professional and engaging teacher. She brings a great level of fun and discipline to her classes which is exactly what we were looking for. We really do feel like part of the Flipside family and look forward to seeing what the students have been working on in the annual show!”

Cannon Family

I have previously danced and performed at some of the renowned dance schools locally and I am definitely enjoying Flipside the most. 
I dance 3 evenings a week and enjoy the following 4 classes: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.   All the timings of the lessons work very well around my schooling and after school sports activities. 

I LOVE Ballet as we work in a very positive and fun environment and Miss Charlotte gives compliments and also constructive criticism which means we are continually learning.   
Contemporary is great fun and Miss Debs is a fantastic choreographer.   Even over Zoom we have continued to thrive and learn so much.   We often laugh out loud in her classes. 
Jumar my Hip Hop teacher is cool and makes classes interesting with quirky choreography.  I love attending his class.   A class not to miss. 
Music Theatre. Keir is such a fun teacher and keeps us totally engaged by his teaching methods.  We always work on fun musicals and it’s amazing how I felt that I was performing on a West End Stage … but reality was I was in my bedroom on a lockdown Zoom Class!

The dancewear is cool and I feel I perform better when I wear the correct clothing for each class. 

I have met so many fabulous friends and teachers at this awesome dance school. 
I am always early for classes as I don’t want to miss a minute of the teaching. 
Here is to many more happy years at Flipside!! 


Scarlett has been dancing at Flipside for the past four years. We found a lovely welcoming community in the heart of Cobham when Scarlett began her dancing journey. Over the past four years she has been supported and encouraged by the flipside team of teachers to express herself creatively in all areas of dancing. All through lockdown, Scarlett danced every day with Flipside teachers keeping her on track & coming up with amazing ideas to keep her busy and having fun. Truly wonderful at such an uncertain time for everyone to see friendly faces on zoom bringing a little normality and pleasure to her days! As a family, we are truly grateful to have seen this side of Scarlett flourish and grow and to have shared in her enjoyment and achievements. 

Thank you to the whole Flipside team


“Our girls absolutely love Miss Debs Saturday ballet classes and it’s

an amazing start to the weekend!!! Incredibly inspiring classes and development for the kids.”