Summer holidays are now over, its time to get your body back into dancers shape through doing different exercise to ensure you are looking after your body and making it ready for the intense year of dance a head.

This exercise will strengthen your core, lengthen your hamstrings, work your shoulders and wrists and open your chest.

Don’t force your heels down to the floor they will fall naturally in time.

The wider your V shape the more pressure is put on your shoulders………be careful

Main key points are:

  1. Toes and fingers must be facing forward so they are parallel
  2. Press your palms in to the floor making sure the weight is even across your hands
  3. Spread your toes wide
  4. Shoulder blades should be rolled back to lengthen the neck
  5. There should be no tension in the neck
  6. There should be a straight line between your tail bone and top of your neck (Don’t be a banana)
  7. Pull up into your belly button as if trying to touch your spine with your belly button
  8. BREATH, this is so important, don’t hold your breath
  9. Stay in the position for 5 long deep breaths then increase the breaths until you can stay there for at least 3mins
  10. If your wrists start to ache come out of the posture by bending your knees to the floor and resting

Do this every day and it will help in all aspects of your dance class………………………………

#dancestretch #flexibility