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About Flipside Dance


The Flipside Elite Teams are made up of students who want to take their dance further. Each student has to audition or is invited to be part of the team.  Being part of the Elites’s is a big commitment for both student and parent as the Elite’s perform all year round at events and competitions which means more rehearsals to achieve perfection.  We ask for dedication from both student and parent and its imperative that the students don’t miss their weekly technique classes to enable them to then concentrate on choreography for events/competitions.

The Elites started back in 2009 taking part in only Starpower, now the Elites take part in at least 6/8 comps a year and numerous events including the switching on of the Christmas lights in Woking town centre, Summer fetes and Woking Dance events.

The FSD Elites have done extremely well at all competitions with them winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and advancing on to semi finals and finals of competition.

2016 Starpower:  Two golden tickets won for the students to advance to the world championships in New York.

The FSD Elites were entered into the UK Hip Hop championships within the mega crew division and from 2007 – 2011 the crew were 1st place champions.

To be part of the Elites is a massive achievement and for any student who wants to take their performing further this is the team for them.

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Flipside Dance School offers those students who want to progress and do more with their dance the opportunity to be part of FSD Elites. Elite students must take three or more disciplines of dance a week to keep their technique strong.

Students/parents are invited to join the Elites and show their dedication to Flipside prior to being accepted into the group.

The students are split in to age and ability groups to enable the maximum as a team to succeed at competitions.

The Elites don’t just take part in competitions they also perform at Summer fetes, Christmas displays and promote FSD to their maximum potential, giving them a wide range of performance opportunities.

We compete in at least 8 competitions a year which includes, heats and final Follow Your Dreams, That’s Show Biz, Dance Challenge, Destination Dance. We are a winning competitive group that strive for the best at all times.

To book the FSD elites to perform at your event please email secretary@flipsidedance.co.uk to check availability.