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Every student of Flipside Dance School is required to wear the correct uniform to class.

4Dance Shop will now be selling all of the FSD uniform, everything from the joggers, tanks, zippers, t-shirts and hoodies, to the bags, leggings and new leotards.

We are also pleased to announce that due to this, it has been organised for your convenience as parents, that Pop-up Shops at Cobham Village Hall will be a regular occurrence.

The next Pop-up Shop dates are:

  • February 10th 2018 9.00 – 12.00
  • April 21st 2018 9.00 – 12.00

4Dance has also set up a link on their own website so that you can pre-order from them and collect on the day of the Pop-up Shop.

To pre-order visit the 4Dance website at:

Scroll down to see the uniform for each dance genre and level.


Teeny Ballet
Teeny ballet uniform
Intro Pre L1 and Pre L1 Ballet (below on the left)
Intro Pre l1 and Pre L1 Ballet
Teeny and Intro Pre L1 Tap
Teeny and Intro Pre L1 tap
L1 Ballet
L1 Ballet
L2 Ballet
L2 Ballet
L3/L4 Ballet
L3 and L4 Ballet
L5 Ballet
L5 Ballet
FSD Leotard for students in L2 genres and above
FSD Leotard
Uniform for all Jazz students
Uniform for all jazz levels
Uniform for all Acro students
Uniform for all acro levels
Uniform for all Tap students
Uniform for all Contemporary students
Uniform for all contemporary levels
Uniform for all Hip Hop students
Uniform for all hip hop levels
FSD Warm Up uniform for all
FSD Warm up uniform for all students