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Adult Dance


Adult Dance funk, this is a high-powered energetic dance class with a difference. Specially designed for adults, our classes will help you burn calories while enjoying current music and learning new dance moves. The class ends with a stretch that is just as important for the body as the doing the dance choreography. Please do bring a long a mat for the floor work and plenty of water.
Tuesdays 7.45 – 8.45

Adult Ballet/Contemporary, this class is core strengthening, will make you feel light on your feet and make you feel taller and lengthened. The class is a combination of ballet, including barre work and contemporary moves.
Fridays 12.45 – 1.45

Adult Flipside Frenzy, 30min body blast of high energy and impact to tone and give shape to all the muscle groups. This class is aimed at adults that have stamina and want ramp up their fitness levels. Please bring a long a mat and plenty of water.
Fridays 12.00 – 12.30

Costs are based on half terms and dived equally throughout the year:
1hour class per half term £40
30min class per half term £30
If you are doing all three classes above you will receive 5% discount